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Brain-Zone Super Memory Competition (Successfully held)

Malaysia’s 1st National Super Memory Competition was held on 27th August 2017. There was more than 160 students from more than 20 branches nationwide were participating into the event. Total prizes worth more than RM35,000 were given out to all the winners. Congratulations to all the winners!

The organizer, Saveway Solutions Sdn Bhd, who is the Master Mind behind the famous Brain-Zone International Children Full Brain IQ Development Programme, wishes to let all parents to witness the strong potential and the achievement of these children. The competition was divided into structured and non-structured categories, which also further divided into junior, primary as well as teacher groups.

According to the founder and managing director Mr. William Lim, Brain-Zone International Children Full Brain IQ Development Programme has big mission of training all our children in improving their observation and concentration ability, also to improve on their memory skill and self confidence, that they can learn the skill in a strong and long lasting way.

The education group is sending only qualified assessment teachers to respective branches to examine their teaching progress. All Brain-Zone’s principals and teachers have been strictly well trained to ensure continue delivering high standard of teaching quality.

Mr.Lim says that there are over 48 branches of Brain-Zone centres in Malaysia, we plan to expand further, as well as coming up with Advanced Super Memory Programme, to train our students easily memorizing 150 flashcards in just 3 minutes.

Brain-Zone Charity Activity 2

Sharing is Loving. Followed by our last visit to the Orphanage Home, again today 14/06/2017 the whole team of🎈Brain-Zone Malaysia HQ has visited to RUMAH CHARIS Old Folks Home, bringing all regards and concerns from our respective principals, we bought food and necessary items, as well as donation of cheque to them. We also take the opportunity to listen to their problems, and chat with them for a moment. Wishing them healthily and happily everyday.